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Dead Trigger 2 Hack Cheat Tool Android/iOS (2013)

Dead Trigger 2 Hack Cheat Tool Android/iOS (2013)

Dead Trigger 2  is a first person shooter game by Madfinger Games. It was released on Android and iOS platforms.

Dead Trigger 2 is a horror game zombies that must be killed. The action is look somewhere in a city when you find much buildings, this is a disavantage for you and an advantage for zombies.

So, we made a hack for this great game that has lovely features like Unlimited Cash and Unlimited Gold. 

It has also some extra features like Lives and Ammo. As you can see, this hack has a simple and nice design, so you can use very simple and quick this hack.

The hack can be downloaded exclusive from our website. Below, you find some links. Have fun.

dead trigger 2 hack

Dead Trigger 2 Hack Cheat Tool Android/iOS (2013) Features

* Unlimited Cash

* Unlimited Gold

* Unlimited Ammo

* + Lives

How to use the hack

1. Connect your device through USB connection at a PC

2. Start Dead Trigger 2

3. Start the hack

4. Select your device, iOS or Android and click Detect Device

5. Put your custom values and hit Patch Game ! button

Download Dead Trigger 2 Hack Cheat Tool Android/iOS (2013)

Recommedend Link

dead trigger 2 hack



How to download?

button copy

NOTE: This hack was succesfully scanned by VirusTotal


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