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GUIDE TO WINNING ROBLOX – Getting Buyers and Visitors

GUIDE TO WINNING ROBLOX - Getting Buyers & Visitors from Forums

Getting Buyers & Visitors from Forums

Once you have your place and items ready you need to start driving players to them. If you don’t do this – you won’t make that much. If you follow these guides then you can drive as many players as you want – and make as many Tickets and Robux as you want.
So the first place to go is the forums. A lot of active Roblox players hang out in the forums. The first, and most important note here, is not to spam. If you just go around spamming you’re mostly going to get ignored and end up banned.

So instead you’re going to start by posting your Place and items here:
Be as descriptive as possible and tell people all the benefits to playing on your game. Explain the features and what they can do – maybe mention the number of people normally playing etc…

And once you post it, save the thread. Now most people just leave it at that and hope people are magically going to visit. Instead what we’re going to do is keep ‘bumping’ that thread.

Answer any questions you get and update the thread with every update your place or item gets. Mention reviews people have given of your place or item and maybe post a YouTube video or two showing it off.

If need be you can make multiple Roblox accounts and post your own questions to keep the thread bumped. Basically every time you post in that thread it gets put to the top of the list getting you more views.

The more views you get, the more visitors or buyers and the more Tickets and Robux you get.

Look at this thread for example. He constantly updates his thread and got around 20,000 views. So keep the thread bumped and your easy traffic coming.

Getting Buyers & Visitors from YouTube

Getting players from YouTube is really easy. All you need is to register a free YouTube channel (call it something related to YouTube.
Then just make content!

You can use a screen recording tool like FRAPS or Camstudio. These tools record your screen while you play so you can record what you’re doing and then upload it to YouTube.

You can record yourself doing something interesting with your friends, exploring new places (or your own!) or giving guides and tutorials. Upload as many videos as you can and put the link to your place and items in the video description.

Follow other people making Roblox videos and comment on their videos etc… it can help get your videos getting views and soon it’ll start getting views on its own. The more videos you make the more Tickets and Robux you can make. The amount you make is really only limited by the amount of videos you make.

Getting Buyers & Visitors from Friends

When I say getting visitors and buyers from your friends – I don’t mean annoying your friends to buy your stuff and visit your place.
I mean using the friend feature within Roblox to add new friends, meet people and interact with them. Visit their place and get them to visit yours. The more you expose yourself to other people the more people you will meet on top of that. You will appear on their friends list and it’s another source of free visitors for your place and buyers for your items.

Now the Roblox Domination pack has a tool to help you add friends but it’s been specifically designed not to spam. It lets you send friend requests to a few people and that’s the way you should do it. Talk to people and visit their places. Don’t just spam the hell out of people.

Getting Buyers & Visitors from Being Topical

This one is a good one and not enough people are taking advantage of it.

Being topical about current events in the media and building a quick place about it can get you a lot of visitors very quickly. It doesn’t even need to be anything huge – just good enough to be interesting and related to the topic.

For example when the movie Wall E came out – this place could have been very popular as it has a Wall E. I’m just using Wall E as an example – you could do the same with a Harry Potty movie or a “winning” themed place while Charlie Sheen was huge in the news.

Throw something together related to whatever people are interested in at the moment and then you have to promote it.
But this time it’s a lot easier. You start a thread about it: For example:
“Did anyone see that Wall E movie? I liked it so much I made my new place about it. What was your favourite moment?”
Then post it. People will bump it themselves talking about the movie/event and you get a lot of easy visitors. You can just keep rinsing and repeating this until you get as many Tickets/Robux as you need.

Second Accounts

Every 24 hours you earn 10 tickets just for logging in. This is great because it’s free tickets but it’s not exactly a lot. But what if, for example, you had five accounts logging in every day?

That’s 50 tickets a day and you can donate items from the other accounts to get them on your main one to sell/use or just keep them on the other account. You can use these Tickets to buy your own items as well.



Events are a great way of driving a lot of people very quickly to your place and earning tickets. If you can work certain clothes into the event then you can also make a lot of sales for your items at the same time.

All you really need here is a little creativity. For example you can do a Christmas party at Christmas or just a ‘happy Friday’ event. Post it on the forums and get your friends or second accounts to help keep it bumped (without spamming) and invite people to come join your event.

You can do this with nearly anything – just use a little imagination and you can make a lot of Tickets for very little work.
And the best part is you don’t really need a place to be designed like anything in particular, although you can if you want to.

Coding Examples

An important part of creating a good Roblox place is getting some interesting scripts. They can make your place more interactive and help people have a better time (which means more money for you).

Scripts can change anything within the properties window for an object.

Below is an example of some sample code which can be used to post a message.

When hit by a player this script will show the message “This is the sample message text.” And wait 3 seconds before removing itself.

The debounce = false and debounce = true here are important to stop it from spamming the ‘onTouched’ part.

debounce = false

function onTouched(hit)

       if debounce == false then  

                          debounce = true

                          msg =“Message”, Workspace)

                          msg.Text = “This is the sample message text.”



                      debounce = false




This allows you to place messages within your place if you need to explain rules or instructions to your players for example.
Then you can actually make things physically happen within your place. This is a basic example for a door script:

function onTouched(hit)

                    script.Parent.Parent.Door.Transparency= 1 — an invisible door

                   script.Parent.Parent.Door.CanCollide= false — a walkthroughable



                  script.Parent.Parent.Door.Transparency= 0.3 — a partially visible door

                  script.Parent.Parent.Door.CanCollide= true — a door you can’t walk through anymore



Here if a player hits the object (the door) it becomes invisible and allows players to walk through it for 3 seconds. Now really the door isn’t moving, it’s just disappearing for the player essentially but in the game it’s all the same thing.

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