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Guide to Winning Roblox – Roblox Domination

Guide to Winning Roblox Part 1

Roblox Domination

What it’s about

Roblox domination is an unofficial guide with advanced strategies on getting everything you want from Roblox. It’s got some great strategies you can use to get what you need from the game and play your way.

Whether it’s getting access to the VIP areas of your favourite maps, getting that new hat or just getting a popular place on Roblox – there’s something for you here.

What it’s not about
It’s not about breaking the rules

It’s not about using memory edits

It’s not about accessing anyone else’s account

It’s not about scamming

Every precaution is being taken to ensure that the Roblox Domination pack does not break the rules and get your account banned. Roblox might change their rules at any time and it is your responsibility to keep track of these changes.
We’ll continue to update the guide as we go to keep in line with the rules but it’s always worth checking the latest changes.

Unlimited Tix and Robux

The Basics

Basically when you run a place on Roblox you get tickets every time someone visits. Now part of this is going to be taking the time to create something interesting people are going to want to play on.

And part of it is going to be about promoting it so people actually come. It’s a lot easier than you might think and you can make a lot of easy tickets this way.

Selling items works exactly the same way. You create items and for each one you sell you’re going to earn tickets and Robux. But it’s not as simple as just making it and waiting for people to buy – you’re going to learn how to promote them to get the most from each item you sell.

Building a Place

You can take a lot of creative license when building a place. Really you can put one together in minutes or you can spend days on it. The better and more appealing you make it – the more you’ll make from it as players will be more likely to return.
Really though you should try and build something you enjoy.

The basics of building a place is a little outside the scope of this guide, but you can always watch videos like this on YouTube if you’re learning from scratch.

You get one Ticket from each player who visits your place. So the more players you can get to your place the more you’ll make – we’re going to look at some easy ways to get a lot of visitors quickly but the best way to keep them coming back is to take the time and build something interesting.

Try to avoid just building yourself a house or something. While you can still earn tickets from this, if you make something interesting enough for people to want to interact with you can make a lot more in the long run.

If your place is featured on the first page you’ll make thousands of Tickets easily. But in order for that to happen you need to promote it and start getting visitors in the first place.

Selling Items

Creating the item itself is a very small part of selling them on Roblox. It doesn’t matter how great you think it is – it matters how many you can actually sell. So try to avoid making something too personal which other people won’t like – or too generic where there’s already hundreds of the same thing.

You can link your items into your place. For example allowing players into a special area if you own a certain shirt you’re selling is a common one.

Each item you sell can either earn you Tickets or Robux depending on its price.

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